Cross Stitch Joy v2.5.24 + Mod – “Embroidery Joy” fun and creative game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested running offline

Cross Stitch Joy – The Pleasure of Embroidery is the name of a very interesting and beautiful game in the casual genre that has been released for free by the Hong Kong-based Creative APPS studio. Creative APPS mainly focuses on producing and developing creative games, especially design and painting games with modern gameplay styles. After releasing several painting games such as the entertaining game How To Draw Cartoon, the company has gone further and entered the field of Cross Stitch games. This type of game is somewhat similar to a virtual embroidery simulator, and its principles and foundations are just like painting canvases or handmade carpets. In fact, in this game, you are supposed to embroider and create interesting and colorful works of art from a digital dimension. In Cross Stitch Joy, you will be faced with dozens of different designs from the beginning. All of these designs have various color schemes and are beautiful works of art. After seeing the designs or buying and unlocking more designs that are categorized (for example, animal designs are in their own category, and food-related designs are in their own category), you can choose the desired design and start the game. After selecting the desired design, it’s time to embroider or color it. Each image is made up of thousands of individual pixels, each of which can display a color. When the game starts, the original design fades into the background, and now you have to choose the correct colors from the relevant section and place them in the correct pixels so that these designs gradually become complete like a large puzzle!


Cross Stitch Joy


In the game Cross Stitch Joy, each pixel is represented by an English character, which is displayed with its own color in the color section. For example, in a design, the letter F may indicate a light green color. Therefore, you need to cover the specific pixels of this letter with the desired color. This task is very simple, but it’s not supposed to be without challenges! Simply select the pixels one by one and check the entire image to make sure each letter is properly colored. To do this, first select your desired pixel and tap on the letter of interest in the colors section to change your pen color. Now it’s time to select all the chosen pixels in the image and color them with one tap. After completing all the pixels, you will see that your design has become very beautiful and fully colored. But be careful! If you pour the wrong color into other pixels, you will make a mistake. To fix mistakes, you will be penalized and must use the coins you earn from completing stages. If you are looking for a lightweight, simple, yet creative and entertaining game, you can try Cross Stitch Joy. Usroid has provided the regular and modded versions of this game for you dear ones. This game has been released with over 1 million downloads and a 4.1 out of 5.0 rating on Google Play.

* Game optimization + bug fixing