Device Info-SIM, CPU, NETWORK v1.9.95 – a simple application that displays the information of the original and complete version of the Android phone
without any restrictions

Knowing the hardware or software specifications of smart devices is essential in many cases, as it helps users download the app according to their desired specifications when downloading the game or any software. But many users do not know how to access this type of information. Gram-specific and custom codes are one of the available ways; But taking advantage of startups is much simpler and at the same time more sensible. Device Info-SIM, CPU, NETWORKTitle is a simple application for displaying Android phone information, which was developed by Pacmac and published on Google Play. This program allows its users to view the complete software and hardware specifications of their smartphone at any time. Among the information displayed by this starter, we can mention the information of CPU, RAM, battery, camera, sensors and.. Each of the nine available modules is completely dedicated to displaying information and providing complete details to users. In addition, a ping test system is provided to the user so that he can check the pink of the connected network at any time.

Some features and capabilities of Device Info-SIM, CPU, NETWORK Android application:

  • Display software and hardware information of Android smart devices
  • Categorize all information into 9 different modules
  • Very high detail in the available modules
  • Access to information in a very simple and easy environment
  • Supports display of sensor and camera information
  • A special system for testing network ping at any time
  • Ability to share existing information with others

Application Device Info-SIM, CPU, NETWORK with the presentation of reports was precisely with thousands of downloads from around the world rated 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of its main website and popular Download Usroid Popular – This program has been introduced at your request, dear ones.