DNS Manager Pro (DNSCrypt) v1.8.0 – Android DNS Professional Management App
Purchased Version for $ 5.00

DNS Manager Pro is an application for managing the DNS of Android devices, developed and published by Oguz Kirat. If you remember, in previous posts, you were introduced to DNS and brief explanations of its efficiency were given. DNS Manager software is a powerful program for automatic management and change of DNS that amazes your users with its extraordinary performance. If you notice sometimes when connecting to a number of sites you want ,Website response speed is slow and information is not received properly. This problem can be due to the DNS settings and its limitations by the site server. By changing DNS with this software, such restrictions are eliminated and it is possible to search the web much faster; In addition, after changing the DNS, you are safe from phishing attacks and you create a safe area for yourself. DNSCrypt is one of the best features available in the application, which attracts the most users because the secure protocols created by this feature provide a unique experience in maintaining security. In addition, it is better to know that you do not need root access to use the program.

Some features and capabilities of DNS Manager Pro Android app:

  • Faster response time when surfing the web
  • Block phishing attacks and prevent malicious applications
  • Blocking access to illegal websites
  • Access to websites where you encounter a DNS error when connecting to them
  • Automatically change DNS when running the program
  • Supports all types of connections such as WiFi, Forge and…
  • Create secure communication protocols using the DNSCrypt feature
  • There were no ads in the program environment

Due to its importance for the most used users of the Internet, the DNS Manager Pro application has been able to obtain a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users with its price of $ 5.00 . As always, with access to the huge Usroid database, you will be able to purchase the purchased version for free. Receive.

Changes in version v1.8.0:

* UI changes
* Added no need for root access
* Fixed application problems