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Draw Car: Park Master – Car Travel: Parking MasterThe title of a fun style game has been released by FireLimbo game development studio for Android devices. As the name implies, the upcoming game is a car game. Undoubtedly, if you are a fan of car racing games, you have tried the popular games of this style, such as Asphalt or Need For Speed. In these games you have to race and conquer the roads and stand on the platforms of heroism and honor. These games are usually full of excitement and focus more on speed than accuracy. But the upcoming game is more in the style of games like Drive and Park, and has a different approach to other regular car racing games. Undoubtedly, these are the obvious differences that make a mobile game can be found in a huge flood of games in the Android Market these days, and it should be said that fortunately, the game development studio is the creator of Draw Car: Park Master understands this very well and offers a unique and entertaining experience with a unique gameplay. In this game, gas, brakes, gears and steering wheels have no use, so you may not be able to communicate with this game from the very beginning, but the more you progress in the game, the more you will be familiar with its challenging mechanisms. You get to the point where you can’t stop playing this game.


Draw Car Park Master


 Draw Car Gameplay : Park Master It’s simple, and you just have to be able to drive your car, or rather your cars, from point “a” to point “b”. But to make the game more challenging, there are obstacles along the way that you have to be careful not to encounter. These obstacles are simple and static in the lower stages and you can easily cross them, but in the upper stages they are active and it is difficult to cross them. There are also a number of coins in the game that you must collect to earn points and set records. All in all, this game has a lot of strengths both technically and in terms of gameplay, and in general we can consider a good score for it. The controls have a simple design and you can easily place your finger on the screen of your device to specify the path so that your car or cars can move and reach the end of the path completely. There are many different obstacles, and with the scoring and record system, you never get tired of playing. The game’s graphics are beautiful and eye-catching, and it has a good artistic design. In terms of sound, the performance is good and the soundtrack fits the atmosphere of the game. Draw Car: Master Park has been able to It has a score of 3.6 out of 5.0  in the Android Market, and the Usroid team  intends to provide you with this fun game in a tested and completely free way. At the end of this article, you can download the original version and the modded version of this game in a tested and completely free way and enjoy playing it!

V4 version changes:

* Add 50 new stages
* Improve game physics
* Troubleshoot stage 37
* Different optimizations and fix game problems