Emma’s Adventure: California v2.2.0.0 – Adventure and Management Game “Emma’s Adventure in California” for Android
A well-made and beautiful game in the style of adventure and management games
Tested by online execution

Emma’s Adventure: California – ماجراجویی اِما در کالیفرنیا is the name of a beautiful and creative adventure game that combines management, simulation, and strategic styles, allowing you to become a big farmer. The game was developed by the Hong Kong studio NPOL GAME and released for free for the Android operating system. At the request of users, Usroid has prepared this game and offers its latest official update for free download. If you have experience playing management and strategic games, especially similar games such as farming and city-building games, we must say that Emma’s Adventure: California can entertain you well. With an interesting story, adventurous ideas, lovable characters, and amazing designs, this game can excite any player of any age. The positive point of this game is that due to its management features, playing this game can help children and even adults develop their talents and increase their creativity. What could be better than challenging our minds and testing our personal management skills while having fun playing a game? Emma’s Adventure: California has an interesting and simple story. The game has two main characters named Emma and Jim. These two characters follow the game’s storyline, and you control them. Emma is a rural girl, and Jim is a gold miner.


Emma's Adventure: California


In the game Emma’s Adventure: California, which takes place during the time of cowboys and the Wild West, the story begins when Jim escapes from a group of thieves and eventually arrives at a small farm. Emma is the owner of this farm, which she inherited from her father. Jim asks Emma to allow him to hide on the farm for a few days so he can escape from the people who were chasing him. In exchange for this request, he offers to help Emma with the farm work. After the agreement between the two, the game begins and you have to perform various tasks on the farm one after the other with Emma’s help. There are many missions throughout the game, the most important of which are planting, harvesting, and cultivating crops, building different sections and launching agricultural tools, performing side missions, and more. You can get to know many different characters in between stages. There are interesting stories and adventures in Emma’s Adventure: California that you need to discover. In the first entry to the game, you can follow the first section with the help of the tutorial section to become familiar with the game’s gameplay style. There are hundreds of different items in this game that need to be found or purchased from the store. Help Emma and Jim turn their small farm into a large and profitable place! Emma’s Adventure: California with its attractive and vibrant designs has been downloaded over 500,000 times on Google Play and has reached a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. At the end of this article, you can get the latest version of the game from Usroid as a tested version.

The game is played online, but it is mostly individual.
There is no modified version available for this game, and it is unlikely to be hacked or modded due to its online nature.
Separate data has not been released for the game, but if there is a need for new information, it may be obtained from within the game.