Fate of Nimi: Adventure Platform Game – سرنوشت نیمیThe title is an awesome and entertaining game in the style of adventure games published by PixlyStudio game studio for Android devices. So if you are a fan and fan of adventure genre games, this game can be a good choice for you! In terms of gameplay, Fate of Nimi: Adventure Platform Game is a step-by-step game that uses platformer elements and its mechanism is not very complicated. In this game, you play the role of the main character, “Half”, a girl who happens to be trapped in a strange and dangerous world. Your main goal is to deal with these dangers and find your way home. Of course, you are not alone in this adventure and you can use the tips of the great white beard. He is always by your side and gives you various forces that you can use to overcome dangers. During the game, other people like half of them are caught in this strange world, but like him, they do not have combat skills and are imprisoned in small prisons. You must release them so that they too can return to their homes. But not everything is so simple and evil creatures are constantly trying to block you, and you must use the forces and skills at your disposal to destroy them, and also be careful not to get hurt, and the standard of your health to Does not end.


Fate of Nimi Adventure Platform Game


At each stage of the game Fate of Nimi: Adventure Platform GameThere are lots of gold coins, a set of fruits, and lots of special auxiliary forces and boosters that you must collect. With gold coins you can buy special auxiliary forces and more boosters, and with fruits you can increase your health standard. At the end of each stage, you have to face the powerful bosses of that stage, and after defeating them, you can enter the next stage. All in all, the gameplay is fast and brings a great experience. The stages of the game are very diverse and exciting and make you never get tired of playing. The difficulty level of the game is well balanced and the stages of the game are very challenging. The controls are very simple and fully responsive, and all gaming operations are easily accomplished using the virtual buttons located at the bottom of your device screen. Using the virtual buttons on the left, which are in the form of arrows, you can move left and right, and using the virtual buttons on the right, you can shoot and do one-step and multi-step jumps. Visually, the game’s graphic space is beautiful and eye-catching, and it has a pixel art design and retro style. In addition, the sounds are interesting in their own way and multiply the charm of the game. Fate of Nimi: Adventure Platform Game has succeededScore 3.9 out of 5.0 on Google Play and the Usroid teamintends to provide this game to you dear ones in a tested and free form with its modded version. At the end of this article, you can see the introduction video and screenshots related to the gameplay to get more acquainted with this game and if you wish, download it from our servers. Hope you enjoy this game!

Changes in version v1.0.15:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting