Hide Online – Hunters vs Props – پنهان شدن (هاید آنلاین) is an exciting and addictive action game from HitRock Games for Android, which is available for free on Google Play. We are here to introduce it to you and you can get the latest updates in the following. There are two groups in the game: objects and hunters! As a hunter, search the game map and shoot anything that moves in your sight, or hide as an object from the hunters, change your shape, use your abilities and turn them into animals to buy yourself a few seconds to escape. Objects can be anything from a cup or a box to a chair or anything else. They will remain hidden from the hunters’ view for several seconds, but this state does not last long! After the hidden time is over, they become visible and start playing music, making it easier for any hunter nearby to find them. Hunt and hide to collect coins and buy new characters with new guns and better appearance and performance to show off to other users. The game’s gameplay is also designed to be smooth and with touch controllers available on both sides of the screen, you can move to the left and right like shooter games and shoot, throw grenades, and jump in the best and easiest way possible! So if you are also a fan of action games and need a game to keep you entertained for hours, do not hesitate and download Hide Online from Usroid now. Be sure that with its special gameplay, it will catch your attention and provide you with a unique experience of online shooter games!

Some exciting and addictive features of Hide Online Android game:

  • Different and interesting maps
  • Ability to transform into different objects
  • Various characters and guns
  • Exciting and captivating gameplay
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Ability to transform hunters into animals to escape from them

The game Hide Online – Hunters vs Props has been downloaded and installed by Android users worldwide more than 50 million times from Google Play and has managed to earn a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating from a total of 1 million votes. By viewing the game images, you will be able to download the latest version of it from high-speed servers of Usroid with a direct link. Usroid, as the most up-to-date Android reference, always releases updates for this game simultaneously with its publication, and you can always get the latest version of it with just one click from this page.

1 – It is an online game
2 – If a mode becomes available for the new version, it will be added to the download box.


Hide Online