Hills of Steel 2 v4.1.2 – An Exciting Fantasy Action Game “Hills of Steel 2” for Android
The Second Version of the Popular Hills of Steel Game Series
Tested with Online Execution

Hills of Steel 2 – تپه های فولادین 2 is the second part of the Hills of Steel series, which, like the first part, is produced and published in the action genre. This game is developed by Superplus Games studio and its latest version has been introduced to you dear ones by Usroid for the first time in Iran. Although Hills of Steel 2 is made with the same essence as the first part, it is completely different in terms of design. While in the first part we saw 2.5D designs, in Hills of Steel 2 all the models are in 3D, and in this regard, it must be said that these two games are actually two completely different and separate generations. This significant change has made Hills of Steel 2 very popular among audiences. In addition to the overall design and graphics of the game, the second noticeable change in Hills of Steel 2 is related to the game’s progress and gameplay. The main focus in this game is on team competitions. In Hills of Steel 2, you take control of a tank and guide it through the battlefields, which are in the form of rough hills, and attack the enemies with its help. The main competitions in this game are in the form of team fights, with 3 vs 3 battles. This means you form a team with two other players and compete against another team of three.


Hills of Steel 2


In the game Hills of Steel 2, you can buy 10 different types of tanks and compete with others. Each of these tanks has special features, and of course, better tanks have better features that can be obtained by using points and money earned in the game. Hills of Steel 2 has 6 different game modes including Team Survival, Bunker Bash, Star Catch, Boss Battle, Domination, and Rampage. These different modes, each with their own unique style and appearance, have made the game Hills of Steel 2 entertaining and diverse. Superplus Games studio has used professional game development methods and new game engines to produce a graphical and fantastic game that is not only of a suitable size but also very optimized. This excellent graphics with completely attractive 3D designs has double the appeal. In terms of gameplay, it should be said that the game has been designed to be smooth and dynamic. The game has a global leaderboard where you can compete with other players from your country to get a better ranking. You can also benefit from the game’s rewards by playing daily. Hills of Steel 2 is a beautiful and entertaining action game for multiplayer and online game enthusiasts, as well as tank and war game enthusiasts, which has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in just a few days. You can download this game for free and tested from the download box on Usroid.

Attention: In the mod version of the game without ATAF, you can change your skills.