Idle Firefighter Tycoon – Fire Emergency Manager v1.29 + Mod – Fun game and clicker “Fire Station Management” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited money and diamonds) individually
tested with offline execution

Idle Firefighter Tycoon – Fire Emergency Manager is another fun and management game from Kolibri Games studio in Germany, which is made in a simulation style and has been released for free for Android devices. Kolibri Games Studio specializes in making and designing clicker, hobby and Idle style games, and to date, many diverse and well-made games like Idle Farm Tycoon  ,  Idle Pirate TycoonIdle  Restaurant Tycoon and Idle Mail TycoonHas designed and offered that we had previously introduced them at your service in Usroid. In this article from Usroid site, we intend to present you another game from this creative studio. The game in question is called Idle Firefighter Tycoon – Fire Emergency Manager, and just like other games of this developer, it is related to a specific topic, and that topic is the management of a fire department and its forces. In this game, which is actually a simple but fun simulator of managing a fire department, you are in the role of a professional manager and you have to manage a fire department with its forces and personnel and various accidents and emergencies that Handle it well.


Idle Firefighter Tycoon - Fire Emergency Manager


In Idle Firefighter Tycoon – Fire Emergency Manager is the case with all Idle and Tycoon style games, your activity starts from a small place. You need to expand your fire department by expanding your activities and upgrading your various departments. Although the job of firefighters is to kill human lives and eliminate threats, these activities are still considered a risky job. So you earn some money with each successful mission and the game process is followed with the same earnings. An important part of the game is to manage and expand the fire station by adding new parts and modern facilities and equipment, and the second part will be to your missions to save human lives in various accidents. In terms of design and modeling, Idle Firefighter Tycoon – Fire Emergency Manager is designed exactly like other Kolibri Games studio games, and it is easy to see the same design language of these games, which is a kind of exclusive signature of this developer. . To get more acquainted with the nature of the game and its style and gameplay context, you can introduce the trailer video or view screenshot images before downloading it, and then download the center if you wish. Usroid Get the latest version of the game in normal or modded form.

Note: In the game mode version, money is Unlimited and spend diamonds instead of decreasing.