AMC Security – Clean & Boost is one of the most powerful, feature-packed, and best security applications and antivirus with an incredibly beautiful and attractive user interface and interface, along with over 12 incredibly secure security features in the field of cleaning and optimizing Android devices, which is at the top of the best Android security applications with millions of downloads from Google Play, and all users can keep all trojans, malware, viruses, and all other malicious files safe with it on their phone or tablet! The speed of scanning and finding existing viruses is commendable by the super software and in a few seconds, it can scan more than one gigabyte of your memory and with just one touch, you can delete the found malicious files! Yes, this application is not just an antivirus or tool to remove viruses; its extraordinary features allow you to have a completely secure and smart phone, use the task killer feature to close apps and blocker calls and messages to get rid of harassers! Join us to receive the latest app updates!

Some features and capabilities of the AMC Security – Clean & Boost Android application:

  • The ability to scan files and folders on your mobile device with just one touch
  • A powerful task killer to close all running games and programs in the background
  • Having features and settings to optimize your smartphone battery and increase its lifespan
  • Having an Anti-Surveillance security system to stop spyware applications
  • A powerful anti-theft system to track lost phones through user accounts and websites
  • Having backup functions to backup contact information and contacts
  • Having a Game Speeder function to increase device power and enhance the performance of large games
  • An amazing App Manager section for applying various tasks and settings to files
  • A call and message blocker system with 3 blocking modes selectable by users
  • Hidden functions to hide photos, videos, and files to prevent access by other users
  • Support for English, Italian, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Arabic, Croatian, and more

The AMC Security – Clean & Boost app is available for free and has been downloaded by Android users worldwide about 50 million times so far, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. Today, we provide you with a direct link to download it on Usroid; the version available for download is the latest and last version of the program.


AMC Security - Clean & Boost