The popular and addictive game Doodle Jump is now coming to your Android phone with its new version, Doodle Jump SpongeBob, to entertain you more than ever! As we have mentioned before, if we want to provide some explanations about the game, it is better to start by saying that all the ideals of a small game are gathered in Doodle Jump, and that ideal is nothing but playing with one hand during leisure time! In this game, you play the role of a strange creature named Doodle, who continues his way up by jumping on endless platforms! You can tilt your smartphone to the left and right to make your creature move in the air and if you go out of one side of the screen, you come in from the other side. You can also tap the screen to shoot your creature! [Detailed Description]

In the new version of the game Doodle Jump, we are witnessing remarkable changes that double the excitement with various SpongeBob animations. The vertical ground in front of you is full of objects that either help you or prevent you from going up; if you want to experience the new version of the game Doodle Jump, stay with us.

Some of the features of Doodle Jump SpongeBob game for Android:

* Includes five endless modes for you to play the game.

* Weekly challenges + daily rewards supported by Leaderboards

The game Doodle Jump SpongeBob is now available for sale on the Android market for $3.99. Today, on Usroid, we are providing the first version of the game as the first Iranian website for free and with a direct link. Stay with us to watch a trailer of the game and download it …


Download Doodle Jump SpongeBob - Doodle Jump Android game



Doodle Jump SpongeBob Android - Android game



Doodle Jump SpongeBob Android - Android game