Fnetchat Messenger: With Free Video & Audio Call v3.7 Fast and Secure Android Messenger
The full and purchased version of the app is available on Google Play for $0.99

Messaging apps are among the most popular applications in today’s world. These amazing programs have made communication between us much easier and enabled us to easily share everything with each other. Messaging apps are programs that have evolved from text messaging. Sending text messages is always better and easier than talking in person or on the phone. That is why messaging apps have a very high popularity around the world. Of course, there are various features such as emojis, stickers, and GIFs in these messaging apps that can also express our feelings. In recent years, the ability to make free voice and video calls has also been added to many messaging apps, which has greatly reduced the use of phone lines. There are many messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and … that have millions of users. But this has not prevented us from seeing new messaging apps. Today, we have a new messaging app for you that provides complete features to its users. Fnetchat Messenger: With Free Video & Audio Call is the title of a messaging app with interesting and complete features, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by the Staxxo App Development Team and released for $0.99 on Google Play. With this app, you can easily communicate with others individually or in groups and in text messages. You can also use voice messages among text messages. The ability to make free voice and video calls is one of the attractions of this app. High quality and no interruption in video calls are factors that make it superior to its competitors. The ability to put stories, conduct polls in group chats, and also the ability to create a page are among the things that make this messaging app a modern and complete messaging app.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Fnetchat Messenger: With Free Video & Audio Call app for Android:

  • Sending photos and videos with the ability to add doodles and filters to them
  • Possibility of posting photos and videos as stories
  • Possibility of creating group chats and conducting polls in them
  • Ability to share location with other users
  • Possibility of sending voice messages
  • Establishing free and unlimited high-quality audio and video calls

Fnetchat Messenger: With Free Video & Audio Call is a new messenger application with interesting and practical features that has recently been released for a fee on Google Play. You can now get the purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


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