InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Pro v2.10 – Android Internet Access Blocker App
The purchased and complete version of the program for the first time in Iran at a price of $3.99

As you may know, nowadays many programs and games released for Android devices use the internet, and these unauthorized accesses sometimes lead to spyware intrusion and excessive internet consumption! Various tools have been released so far to prevent this problem, and one of the most popular ones can be called firewalls. InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Pro is a powerful firewall application for blocking internet access, developed by SheikhSoft and published on the Google Play Store. This application allows its users to cut off internet access to apps separately without any worries and be sure that their traffic is not consumed excessively. One of the most notable features of this software is that it does not require root access, while most similar programs do. In addition, cutting off mobile data and Wi-Fi separately is also possible, which is considered one of the strengths of Internet Guard.

Some of the features and capabilities of the InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Pro Android app:

  • A professional firewall for blocking internet without the need for root
  • No tracking or analysis of sent and received data
  • Blocking mobile internet and Wi-Fi separately
  • Support for ipv4 and ipv6
  • Blocking data usage during roaming
  • Automatic startup when Android device is turned on
  • Notification when new apps connect to the internet
  • Disabling data usage by background apps

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Pro app has been able to receive an exceptional rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its $3.99 price tag, as one of the best apps available for blocking internet usage. You can now download the latest version of it from the popular website Usroid.


InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall