Juicy Realm v3.1.2 – An entertaining and role-playing game “Fruit Land” for Android
The purchased and complete version of the game is offered to you for $2.99
Tested with offline execution

Juicy Realm – Land of Fruits is another fantasy and cartoon game from the famous Hong Kong studio X.D. Network in the RPG genre, which has been released as a paid game for $2.99 on Google Play. As always, at your request, dear friends, Farsoyed has once again provided you with a paid game for free. X.D. Network is famous for its fantasy games. Some of the company’s top works include Gemini, Muse Dash, and ICEY, which we have introduced and published in other articles on the Farsoyed website before. But this time, in this article on the Farsoyed site, we introduce you to a slightly different game from this developer. Juicy Realm has an interesting idea and a special story, and in a way, it is seen as a different tradition breaker in its story. The story is related to a world where humans are facing a great threat. Humans have always been at the top of the food chain, and plants and animals have always been considered the next parts. This has led humans to hunt and feed on plants and animals for thousands of years. But the patience of plants has come to an end, and they finally take action to end this chain. Plants have been trying for millions of years to develop and evolve themselves, and finally, the time has come for their evolution process to be completed! They can now turn into strange and moving creatures by sprouting their hands and feet on their bodies!


Juicy Realm


In the game Juicy Realm, the story is about plants seeking revenge against humans! Although plants and fruits are always symbols of greenery, freshness, kindness, and similar things, in Juicy Realm, the subject is completely different, and this time you are supposed to see a demonic face of plants! Millions of years of waiting have come to an end, and now a hidden empire of mutated plants and fruits has been created. They are preparing for a full-scale war against humans to take revenge for their thousands of years of suffering! In Juicy Realm, you play as the hero of the story and must go to the lands under the control of fruits and, in an exciting and adventurous gameplay, destroy these mutated creatures and prevent the collapse of humanity! You must try to keep nature conditions as they were before and keep humans at the top of the food chain as a representative of humans! But to successfully accomplish this risky mission, you have to try hard. The gameplay style of Juicy Realm is in the form of role-playing and third-person top-down view. Like many Rougelike games, in Juicy Realm, you can freely move around and attack enemies in a Fast-paced gameplay and destroy them. During this important mission, you will also have friends and companions. You can also use various items such as different weapons during the game stages and have a lot of fun. Juicy Realm game is now available for purchase and free download from Usroid servers. If you are looking for a fun and fantasy game, Juicy Realm can be a suitable choice for you.

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the net.spacecan.juicyrealm.android folder to the Android/obb directory on the internal memory of your device.