[Lyric Notepad – Write Song, Poetry, & Rap v1.94 [Unlocked – Android app for music and rap text notepad
The unlocked and complete version of the app worth $3.9 for the first time in Iran

Among all of us, there are special and different individuals who spend hours of their daily time composing music and writing lyrics. Such individuals usually use the most common method available, which is paper and pen, to write their music lyrics, which of course makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their activities. But in this post, we intend to introduce you to an extraordinary tool specially designed for this purpose for the first time among Persian-language websites. Lyric Notepad – Write Song, Poetry, & Rap Unlocked is the title of a professional notepad for poets, writers, composers, and rappers developed and published by Kenny Mc. This app helps its users to easily follow their music lyrics along with the original music and never lose the rhyme coordination by utilizing its various features. In this software, rhymes are automatically checked and displayed in a different color while writing the lyrics. It is better to not miss the measurement mode and make sure you are on the right track with your poetry. Don’t miss this amazing app and stay with us in the following to download it.

Some features and capabilities of the Lyric Notepad – Write Song, Poetry, & Rap Android app:

  • Writing text for various types of music and rap for greater accuracy
  • Internal recorder for synchronizing music with lyrics
  • Automatic rhyme color checking and changing while writing music text
  • Alphabetic counter to create a specific and uniform pattern
  • Measurement mode for proper implementation of text on music beats
  • Intelligent and accurate metronome

The Lyric Notepad – Write Song, Poetry, & Rap app has been able to receive a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Google Play users by utilizing various features and capabilities. By paying $3.99 in-app, you can now download the latest unlocked version from the popular and highly visited website Usroid.


Lyric Notepad Full - Write Song, Poetry, & Rap