Map My Hike GPS Hiking v19.12.0 – Comprehensive Android Sports GPS and Map Application
Original and complete version of the program presented to you without any limitations

Exercise is one of the oldest human activities that can help us regain our health and avoid physical problems in old age. Thanks to new technologies, these activities have entered a new cycle of various advancements that significantly increase their efficiency. Map My Hike GPS Hiking is a completely intelligent sports map and GPS app with special features for Android developed by the reputable company MapMyFitness, Inc and released on Google Play. You can easily track all types of sports activities such as walking, yoga, cycling, etc. and save everything at any time and place to receive accurate information with the available smart system. Perhaps one of the strengths of this app compared to other similar tools is its ability to connect to more than 400 different health gadgets, which allows you to get the highest and best performance at any time and do accurate analysis. Map My Hike has various features that cannot be mentioned in this short text, and we will refer to them in the following article.

Some features and capabilities of the Map My Hike GPS Hiking Android app:

  • Support for 600 different sports activities such as yoga, walking, cycling, and …
  • Receiving audio feedback while using GPS to adjust statistics such as speed, distance, and …
  • Support for 400 different gadgets and devices for analyzing statistics
  • Tracking all distances traveled by oneself
  • Finding nearby or favorite routes through up-to-date maps
  • Support for Android smartwatches and health bracelets
  • Joining a large community of various athletes in different fields
  • Participating in challenges and competing with others
  • Possibility of sharing information with other health-related apps

The Map My Hike GPS Hiking app, with its various features in improving the quality of sports activities, has received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now purchase the latest version of the app from direct links on Usroid; our version includes all the features.