Solitaire Mystery HD Full is a new game with stunning HD graphics in the genre of puzzle and hidden object games from DikobrazGames game studio, designed for the Android operating system. Its first version, titled “Can you save the world from destruction?!” was released on Google Play a few hours ago. The story of the game is that the oldest and most powerful deck in the world has been stolen from the museum of ancient history. These cards are so powerful that they can destroy the world! This deck contains deep wisdom from past knowledge that you must find! Yes, as a player, you must find your way to the stolen deck by finding multiple hidden objects and enjoy hours of entertainment.

The game Solitaire Mystery HD Full has been professionally designed with stunning graphics despite its small size. Its exciting sound effects, beautiful animations, deep story, and unique gameplay make it one of the best hidden object games for you to experience.

Some features of the Solitaire Mystery HD Full Hidden Objects game for Android:

* Includes two different game modes for you to play

* Play in various beautiful environments with mesmerizing scenes

* Having stunning HD graphics along with exciting sound effects

The Solitaire Mystery HD Full game is now available for sale on the Android market for $2.99, and today we are introducing the Android version of this game for the first time among all Iranian websites in Usroid and making it available to everyone.

* Fix game issues and improve graphics


Download Solitaire Mystery HD - Android brain teaser + data


Installation and execution instructions for the game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.dikobraz.magiccards1hd folder to the Android/Obb path.


Solitaire Mystery HD (Full) Android - new and free Android game



Solitaire Mystery HD (Full) Android - new and free Android game