Lanota v2.30.0 + Mod – Excellent and extraordinary musical game Lanota for Android mobile
Regular version + Mod version (unlocking the full version of the game + removing ads)
Tested with offline execution

Lanota – لانوتا is a new and incredibly beautiful musical game with delightful music from Noxy games gaming studio for Android devices that has been released for free on the Play Store and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times by Android users worldwide so far, achieving a good score of 4.4 out of 5.0! The game’s story creator has described the game as follows: “Colors have been hostile to the world for about 250 years, and the only way to fight this disaster is to find Notaliums that have existed for centuries, and people do not know how to make them, so the only way to escape this disaster and see the world again with eye-catching colors is to use the remaining Notaliums. Two children named Fisica and Ritmo decide to obtain these stones by playing music and bring joy back to human life!” This is where your game begins, and you must help these two children color the world of Lanota! Like Rayark’s famous games such as Deemo, Lanota’s story can also captivate you with its incredible narrative. The images that tell the story are like paintings and encourage you to continue the adventure of these two children! If you are a fan of musical and rhythmic Android games, do not miss Lanota.


Lanota Android Games


The game Lanota is one of the most beautiful musical games for Android, which we have now made available for download with a mod on Usroid. The game has been tested on several devices and can be played offline! Although the gameplay of Lanota is based on the rules of rhythm games, the developer has managed to make it more attractive by adding elements. Like similar titles, you must touch them before they land to play the music and get closer to victory! You can first view images of the game and then download it for free if you wish.