Legacy – The Lost Pyramid v1.0.9 Full – a great Android brain teaser and puzzle game!
Priced at $ 0.99 and rated 5 out of 5 in Google Market
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Legacy – The Lost Pyramid in Persian “Heritage: The Lost Pyramid ” is a new and wonderful game in the style of brain teasers and puzzles from No Signal Productions studio for Android , which was released hours ago at a price of $ 0.99 in the big Google market. As always, we have decided at the same time with the publication and for the first time in IranIntroduce it to you, the lovers of intellectual games, and we will delight you again! The story of the game is told in the language of the creator: “You know an archaeologist, you start your new adventure to find one of your most lost friends in the pyramids of ancient Egypt! In this pyramid you have to solve different types of puzzles so that you can finally save your friend’s life! But است what is going to happen in this pyramid is far from imagined that…! If you are a fan of Android brain games that can attract you despite its excellent design, Legacy – The Lost Pyramid is undoubtedly a good choice.


Legacy - The Lost Pyramid Android Games


Legacy – The Lost Pyramid game currently has a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 in the Play Store , which we at Usroid will provide you with the first version for free, the full version has been purchased! The game also features a variety of puzzles to solve, puzzles and exciting challenges to overcome, beautiful story, great touch controllers, exciting sound and great construction! You can download this game for your Android device with one click from the high-speed and powerful site servers.

Changes in version V1.0.9:

* Important update; The elevator section is designed from scratch.