Memorize: Learn GRE Words with Flashcards v1.5.1 – GRE test-specific vocabulary training app for Android
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Memorize: Learn GRE Words with FlashcardsIs a GRE test-specific vocabulary training application developed by LIKECRAZY Inc. and published on Google Play. To migrate to other countries during the application process, we need to send the scores of some tests to the target country. Many of those planning to emigrate abroad are students; Students who want to continue their education in another country for a few years. Usually, we need a GRE score to be accepted to study abroad. As you know, in this type of test, we need to know some specific words and have a great command of all aspects of the language we want. One of the best ways to learn the specific vocabulary of this test is to use Android software. Memorize program: Learn GRE Words with Flashcards is a good option for those who want to take the GRE test. More than 4,000 different words are taught by this startup, each of which is placed in its own categories. All training is based on artificial intelligence as well as flash cards, which allows you to make significant progress in a short time. The intelligent system, depending on your level of ability, teaches words from beginner levels, and over time, these words become more and more difficult. One of the most important parts of such tests is the students’ listening abilities. To know the exact pronunciation of words, just touch the dedicated option next to them so that their pronunciation is played in full audio.

Some features and capabilities of Memorize: Learn GRE Words with Flashcards Android app:

  • Learn the specific vocabulary of the GRE and GMAT tests
  • Categorize all words based on their topics in their specific groups
  • Learn more than 4,000 different words to increase your proficiency in quizzes
  • Provide training from beginner to advanced levels
  • Tutorials based on artificial intelligence and flash cards
  • Play audio pronunciation of words to enhance listening skills
  • Provide accurate statistics of your progress
  • Select gender, pronunciation sound and playback speed

Application Memorize: Learn GRE Words with Flashcards to take advantage of the features and functionality of its own by the developer of its $ 4.99 publish Rating 5.0 out of 5.0 by users has received that can now use the newest version purchased Download it without any restrictions from Usroid website .


Memorize: Learn GRE Words with Flashcards