Minecraft Earth v0.30.0 – A special adventure game “Mankraft Heritage” for Android
Mojang’s other official game trailer from the world of Minecraft
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Minecraft Earth – Minecraft Inheritance is the name of the second official game from the Mojang series of Minecraft games , which was produced and released in 2011 by Minecraft. It gained worldwide popularity and became one of the record holders for arcade games and one of the most popular video games in history. The main Minecraft game has hundreds of millions of active gamers and is known as one of the most popular computer or mobile games. Especially after the acquisition of Mojang by Microsoft in 2014, we saw the game develop more and better for different platforms. Due to its special design style, Minecraft soon became one of the main models of dozens of other gaming companies, and in recent years we have seen a large number of other games offer exactly the same style. Now, Mojang, in collaboration with Microsoft Studios, has produced and released its second official project, which is actually one of the sub-games of the Minecraft world. This game is called Minecraft Earth and it is supposed to bring you a completely different experience. However, this style has already been used by other companies and game companies, especially Niantic, the maker of the revolutionary Pokémon Go game. In Minecraft Earth, just like Pokémon Go or other games and applications that use AR technology or augmented reality, you have to create a minecraft world with the help of your mobile camera or Android tablet!


Minecraft Earth


Actually in Minecraft Earth You need to get a variety of items from different sources during the game and then add them to the real world with the help of your device’s camera in augmented reality! In Minecraft Inheritance, just like in the original game, you can create different structures. The AR system of this game has a smart performance. Depending on the location, this technology helps you to place 3D and interesting items with sizes that match the location of the camera. This sensor can detect high and low positions, low or high light and many options intelligently. So choosing the right location for these items is an important point to keep in mind. Minecraft Earth is also an online virtual community. You can interact with other online players around the world online, or even form a team with them and create interesting and spectacular works with each other’s help! For example, you can plant a plant in one place and watch it grow over time. The game also features famous characters from the series. Minecraft Earth game is recommended for Minecraft enthusiasts and players.As soon as Usroid releases the first version of this game from the developer, it has provided it for testing for free download.


1 – The game is online and its data (about 200 MB) is received in the first run from within the game itself
2 – It should also be noted that to run the game you need a Microsoft account.



Game installation and running tutorial:

  1. First, download the installation file and install it on your Android device.
  2. Make sure the device is connected to the Internet and run the game. Then wait for the game data to be received. You do not need to use VPN to download this data.
  3. After completing the data download, close the game and change your IP. Then run the game and log in to your Microsoft account from the Login section.
  4. After logging in to the account and accepting the terms of the game by clicking the Accept option, click the Let’s Play button and enter the game and enjoy it!