Minecraft Earth v0.32.0 – Special Adventure Game “Minecraft Earth” for Android
Another official game from the world of Minecraft by Mojang
Tested by online running

Minecraft Earth – ماینکرافت ارث is the name of the second official game in the Minecraft series by Mojang. The first game, Minecraft, was released in 2011 and quickly gained worldwide popularity, becoming one of the best-selling and most popular video games in history. The original Minecraft game has hundreds of millions of active gamers and is known as one of the most famous computer or mobile games. Especially after Microsoft acquired Mojang in 2014, we have seen the development of this game for various platforms. Minecraft quickly became a model for dozens of other game development companies because of its unique design style, and in recent years we have seen many other games released in exactly the same style. Now, Mojang, in collaboration with Microsoft Studios, has produced and released its second official project, which is actually a Minecraft spin-off game. The game is called Minecraft Earth and is expected to bring a completely different experience to you. Although it should be noted that this style has been previously used by other game development companies, especially Niantic, the creator of the revolutionary game Pokémon Go. In Minecraft Earth, just like in Pokémon Go and other games and programs that use AR or augmented reality technology, you have to build a Minecraft world using the camera on your Android mobile or tablet!


Minecraft Earth


In Minecraft Earth, you need to obtain various items from different sources during the game and then place them in the real world using your device’s camera in augmented reality! Just like the original game, you can create various structures in Minecraft Earth. The AR system of this game has intelligent functionality. Depending on the location, this technology helps you place interesting 3D items with sizes that match the location in the camera. This sensor can intelligently detect positions, heights, low or high light, and many options. Therefore, choosing the appropriate location for these items is an important point that you should pay attention to. Minecraft Earth is also an online virtual community. You can interact with other players from around the world online and even form a team with them to create attractive and interesting effects with each other’s help! For example, you can plant a plant in one place and watch its growth over time. Famous characters from this series are also present in this game. Minecraft Earth is recommended for Minecraft enthusiasts and players. Usroid has provided the first version of this game for free download as soon as it is released by the developer.

1 – This is an online game and its data (close to 200 megabytes) is received from within the game in the first run.
2 – It should also be noted that you need a Microsoft account to run the game.

Installation and Execution Guide for the Game:

  1. First, download the installation file and install it on your Android device.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to the internet and run the game. Then wait for the game data to be downloaded. You do not need to use a VPN to download this data.
  3. After downloading the data, close the game and change your IP address. Then run the game and log in to your Microsoft account from the Login section.
  4. After logging in to your account and accepting the game’s terms by clicking on the Accept option, press the Let’s Play button and enter the game and enjoy it!


  • Version changes 0.32.0
    • New Stuff:
    • - Season 15: Winter Wonderland - coming soon
    • New Mobs and Variants:
    • - Pinto Cow
    • Bug Fixes:
    • - Various bug fixes
    • The full list of patch notes can be found here:
    • https://redsto.ne/earthclog