MR RACER: USA Car Racing Game 2020 v1.4.2 + Mod – Entertaining racing game “Mr. Driver” for Android
Separate regular and mod versions (with infinite money)
Tested for offline play

MR RACER: USA Car Racing Game 2020 – آقای راننده: مسابقه ماشین سواری آمریکا 2020 is an interesting and entertaining game from the category of racing titles, which has been released for Android devices by the Indian studio ChennaiGames. Usroid has once again acquired and introduced the game, along with a mod version, for free upon its release. It is worth mentioning that Usroid is the first Iranian website to acquire and publish this game on the web. MR RACER: USA Car Racing Game 2020 is made based on famous and older titles that were released in the genre of Traffic Racing games and has a similar style and context to these games. In this game, you play as a professional driver who has brought himself to the competition field to compete in various driving races. This game has various modes of car racing competitions, which may have more appeal than other sections, such as racing with other racing cars. However, considering the players’ taste, it should be said that the traffic section of the game is also very well-made and popular, and many enjoy this section more. Players’ driving skills are more challenged in this section, as they must move forward on a road full of cars and other vehicles without colliding with others. The power of overtaking between cars and quick reactions are the key to winning these competitions.


MR RACER : USA Car Racing Game 2020


The MR RACER: USA Car Racing Game 2020 game has been designed with a total of 100 exciting, engaging, and challenging levels that are divided into various modes. The game has many sections, items, and features that make it a well-crafted and professional game. You can buy your favorite super sports cars among dozens of cars and upgrade and customize them separately. You can even write your own name instead of the license plate number. MR RACER: USA Car Racing Game 2020 has acceptable and suitable settings, including the ability to adjust the camera view in 3 different modes and the ability to change the type of game controllers. What has made MR RACER: USA Car Racing Game 2020 more attractive is its incredibly small size compared to its professional features and characteristics. Perhaps these explanations seem a bit strange for a game that doesn’t even reach a final size of 100 megabytes, but according to ChennaiGames, optimization methods have been used in designing the graphics. This means that although the game is designed with completely 3D modeling, the graphics details are optimized and no extra volume is consumed for graphics processing. This has also made MR RACER: USA Car Racing Game 2020 playable on weaker devices. To learn more about this game, you can watch its trailer video or screenshots and then download the latest version for free and tested from the download center on Usroid website, if you wish.