Night Terrors: Bloody Mary v3.2 – Horror adventure game “Nights of Horror” for Android with data + trailer of
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Night Terrors: Bloody Mary – Night of Terror: Bloody Mary is the name of an extremely terrifying game in the style of adventure games that has been produced with special features to scare players in a new way! The game is produced by the American studio Imprezario Entertainment and has been released for $ 1.99 for the Android operating system. We also decided that as soon as this game was prepared, it would be the first Iranian websitePrepare for fans of exciting and scary games. Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is another part of the Night Terrors horror game series, and now a special version of it is available for Android. Unlike most regular games in this genre, Horror Nights: Bloody Marie is produced in a modern style. This game is produced with the help of AR technology or augmented reality and to do it you have to play games like this style (like Minecraft Earth) Move with your mobile phone or tablet and turn the environment where you are into a scary place with the help of the professional technology of this game! In fact, the game’s performance is tracked with the help of image capture through the camera. That is why you have to play this game in pure darkness and in a roofed place like a house to feel the main experience of the game. The sensors used in Night Terrors: Bloody Mary can detect the conditions provided and execute the gameplay accordingly.


Night Terrors: Bloody Mary


Game Night Terrors: Bloody MaryMade by the author, producer and director of the famous horror film series Paranormal Activity, or Mr. Oren Peli, and since this person has a special experience in producing horror works, it must be said that this game is also well directed and designed. In Horror Nights game, you can turn your house into a house conquered by horrible ghosts! The story of this game is related to a dramatic and old mythical story (which of course many consider a true story). A story about a beautiful and young girl named Mary who is strangely buried alive and her soul suffers a hellish curse and comes to the human world to avenge the cause and founders of this event. This character is present in many works such as movies and the same point, all of them are an interesting legend of this wandering spirit that if someone in the dark and in front of a mirror calls the name of this character three times in a row, he will be summoned. Be! Now the same legend has been simulated in Night Terrors: Bloody Mary! If you dared to run the game and wanted to start this scary adventure, you have to say Bloody Mary three times after the game runs to start the game!Usroid has prepared this special, scary and terrifying game in a tested form and provided it for free download.

Highlights and tips for Night Terrors: Bloody Mary:

  • The game has many horror scenes and jumpers that are realistically simulated. Therefore, playing this game is only recommended for people over 18 years old.
  • In order for the game to work properly, you must be present at night, in a roofed place with completely dark lighting conditions.
  • The game is dubbed with Dolby 3D technology and the sounds are played 360 degrees. To do it right, you have to play with headphones.
  • As soon as you are ready to enter the game, say Bloody Mary (correct pronunciation: Bloody Mary) three times after entering to enter the game.
  • With the start of the game, you have 3 days to escape from the clutches of the bloody snake. At the end of the third day, the portal from which Marie was born is closed and the game ends and will start again. Your task during the game is to escape from the ghosts and your main goal should be to deal with them as little as possible.
  • During the game you can go to different places and save other victims. But your main focus should be to escape Mary.
  • There is a simulated glass on the image that cracks with loud noises made by ghosts. If these cracks increase, the glass will be broken and as soon as the glass is broken, Mary will be able to conquer you! So you should avoid approaching ghosts as much as you can so that your glass is less damaged.
  • During the game you have to move and go to different places. If you stand still, you will notice the ghosts in your presence. If you change your location regularly, they will not be able to find you very easily.
  • The camera, LED flash and gyroscope sensor affect the performance of the game. By moving and activating the gyroscope, you can also move inside the game. The game camera also displays your surroundings in the game with professional simulation. The LED flash is also used for scary scenes and ghosts to display a simulation.
  • This game does not run on all devices and will only run on devices that support Google Play Services for AR technology    .
  • Prerequisite for installing the game is Android 7.0.
  • As stated by the manufacturer, it is the responsibility of the individual to damage the players or the equipment of the environment.

Changes in version v3.2:

* Bug fixes



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.impresario.bloodymarypaid folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.