Playphraseme v1.1 – Android app for easy learning English phrases
purchased version of the program for $ 5.99

English is the most common language in the world. For this reason, many people try to learn this language and communicate with other people in other countries. There are several ways to learn English, each with its own advantages. Have you ever wondered why we can learn our mother tongue without any training ?! We believe that the best way to learn English is English! As we learn as children, we must instruct our brains to make it a part of our minds when they hear it. PlayphrasemeTitle is an easy English language learning application developed by Eugene Potapenko and published on Google Play. One of the most important reasons that distinguishes this software from other programs is its educational method. As we mentioned, this startup teaches you English by English. After downloading and installing, all you have to do is run the software and play the set of phrases audio. Listening to these phrases will allow you to learn English in a very short time, just like your mother tongue. The developer has tried to provide you with the most common terms and expressions of this language in the form of audio files in order to have a conversation and a perfect communication. There is an automatic playlist for you dear ones, which requires only one touch of the screen to play it. In addition, if you are not a novice user, you will be able to create a custom list and play the phrases audio without any restrictions. If you do not have access to the Internet for a certain amount of time during the day; You will be able to easily download the phrases and run them completely offline.

Some features and capabilities of Playphraseme Android application:

  • Learn English with the help of English!
  • Learning English like our mother tongue
  • A collection of commonly used English phrases and expressions
  • Default playlist to start learning from the most beginner mode possible
  • Ability to create your own custom playlists
  • Download audio files of phrases for offline playback
  • Continue playing phrases even by locking the screen
  • Very simple and easy user interface

The Playphraseme app has been released on Google Play by its developer for $ 5.99, giving its users access to an effective education system, and you can now download the latest version without any restrictions on accessing the web features Get the most visited and comprehensive Usroid site.