[SD Card Test Pro v1.9.2 [Paid – Android internal and external memory speed measurement application,
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If you have noticed, on all SD cards or some flash drives in the market, as well as internal and external hard drives, numbers have been written, which indicate the speed of reading and writing information in these external memories. Profiteers bring counterfeit types of these external and internal memories to the market and print fake numbers on them to make more profit. There are various programs in the Windows operating system for measuring the speed of memories, which this software Are rarely seen on Android operating systems. SD Card Test ProIt is one of the first and foremost internal and external memory speed measurement programs published by Zoltán Pallagi for $ 1.99. Using an intelligent system, this program supports all internal and external memories and provides you with accurate information on the speed of reading and writing information. Its simple and easy user interface enables anyone to easily test their SD card and ensure the accuracy of the numbers printed on the memory. In addition, a professional and graphic diagram is included in the Test Pro SD card, which separates the two speeds of reading and writing information. The history system also saves all the tests performed so that you can access the information of your previous tests at any time. By referring to the software settings section, you will be able to set limits for your tests and receive more detailed information.




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