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With the outbreak of the Corona virus in late 1998, a worldwide quarantine was imposed and all public places and businesses were temporarily closed and inactive. Schools suffered the same fate and were shut down for months. This caused the students’ educational process to be interrupted for a long time and they were not allowed to study and learn for a relatively long time. Due to the persistence of the coronavirus and the lack of definitive treatment and vaccines for it, it was not possible to reopen schools, and this made the need for alternative methods to continue education a necessity. Finally, the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with Hamrah Aval, launched a system for students to continue their education virtually, called ” Shad “.” presented. Shad stands for Student Education Network and is offered in two forms: mobile application and website. Today in Usroid, we are at your service with the Android version of this program. Shad appThe title of the official happy application is for the Android operating system, which has been published for free by the Ministry of Education. In this application, all students, teachers and school principals can fully return to their educational activities and run a virtual school on the Internet. Registration in this program is done using the national code and date of birth. This information has already been registered in the system by the Ministry of Education, and entering the information constitutes user authentication. After completing the registration, the user can use all the capabilities and features that are embedded for his user role in the program. For example, the teacher can put his / her teachings in video, text and audio formats in the program and communicate directly and video with the students. It is also possible to determine homework and other assignments in the program, and the student can access all the educational items provided in his special panel and deliver his homework to the teacher. If you encounter an authentication problem while registering with the program, it is likely that your information was incorrectly registered in the system and you will need to contact your administrator to correct the information.


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As mentioned, Shad System – Student Education Network is the only platform for students’ virtual education, and a student should think that this is his real classroom system, but this time it is online and he should be present at the appointed time. Classes are defined automatically by the school and the teacher, and the student does not need to perform any operations, and after entering the school classes, he is listed. By attending online classes, you will connect with other students and teachers. Teacher access is different from student access; The teacher with more access is able to set up a video class but this access is not enabled for the student. If you use Shad to attend classes, do not forget to use other parts of it, for example, with the educational and cultural part, you can increase your general knowledge. applicationThe Shad app ran into a number of issues in the early versions and received many complaints from students and teachers. This caused the structure of the program to be overhauled and new versions of it were introduced to reduce the problems of the program and increase its efficiency. In order for all students to enjoy the latest features of the program, it is necessary that this program is always updated to the latest version. At Usroid, we prepare the latest versions of Shad software for you with high speed, and you can always download the latest and most recent version from the same page with a direct link from Usroid servers .

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