Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War v3.24.246 – Exciting Action Game “Shadow Knight” for Android
A popular and extraordinary action RPG title for Android
Tested with online play

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG – Deadly Adventure is the full title of a very interesting and entertaining game in the main action genre with RPG gameplay, developed by Hong Kong studio Fansipan Limited for Android players worldwide, available for free with in-app purchases. For the first time as an Iranian website, we intend to introduce this exciting action game to you. Although Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG does not have a unique and new style, its internal structure and the use of attractive elements in the designs have made this game truly one of the best in its genre. The main style of the game’s designs is Hack n Slash with Shadow styles, and like dozens of other similar games where the main character is a shadow warrior, in Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG, the story’s hero is a knight of shadows. On the other hand, the knight’s enemies are demonic creatures that live in areas such as black holes. The Shadow Knight game also has a reasonably attractive storyline. Of course, this story is not new and different from the game’s designs, but it is interesting and worth hearing to understand the game’s overall concept.


Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure RPG


According to the story of the game Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG, there was a world called Harmonia in the ancient world, which was home to various types of mythical creatures such as humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, and so on. Although these races did not have many commonalities with each other, none of them sought war or the destruction of their neighbors. However, one day, due to a mistake and actually a greed for power by one of the inhabitants of this land, the peaceful balance of this world is disrupted, and this issue causes not only the peace between these species to be destroyed but also allows demonic forces to open their way to this world. Now, an army of demonic creatures has attacked Harmonia, and this beautiful land is in danger of destruction. You play the role of the main hero and character named Shadow Knight, who has risen to prevent the collapse of this land and destroy enemies and demons. Your job is to go to the demon’s headquarters with your legendary sword and destroy each enemy one by one. But this adventure will undoubtedly have its own special challenges. Your enemies are tough, and it is not easy to fight them. Even harder are the bosses who are very deadly and dangerous. Therefore, in the Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG, you have to prepare yourself for a tough confrontation and an exciting game. The game’s graphics are accompanied by 2D designs, but attractive effects have been used in it, making the overall game very entertaining. This game has been made available to users for free with a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Google Play, but Usroid has provided its latest tested version for download.

1 – This is an online game and requires a filter-breaker to be active in order to enter.
2 – In the mod version of the game, the character is unbeatable!