Small Fry is a new and very beautiful game with a very small volume in the style of action and arcade games for the Android operating system , which puts you in the role of a lovely little red fish and has to be in different oceans at high speed. Escape, jump and go up and down all the dangers of the ocean and have hours of fun! Different types of sharks follow you , octopuses and other different creatures are in your path that do not allow you to complete the stages and missions, but you must pass them all with high accuracy and speed and miss A shark that follows you to escape and finish the levels.

How long do you think you will be able to escape from various creatures such as sharks, octopuses, swordfish, etc. and survive !? This game has a very small volume and exciting gameplay can bring the best fun game experience on your Android phone.

Some features of the exciting game Small Fry Android:

* Having a simple controller for easy control of game fish

* Play in a variety of different locations and environments from diverse oceans

* Includes more than 60 very exciting and varied stages

* Being a variety of different achievements to collect by you

* Ability to go up and down and out of the water for big jumps

* Being a variety of different enemies of sea turtles, sharks and fish to challenge you

* Ability to customize small goldfish with a set of hats, glasses and more!

The fun game Small Fry has been released for free and has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 , which we have put for you today as the first Iranian website in Usroid and we hope you enjoy it.


Download Small Fry - a fun little goldfish game for Android + Mod




Download Small Fry Android Game Apk - NEW FREE



Download Small Fry Android Game Apk - NEW FREE



Download Small Fry Android Game Apk - NEW FREE