Smart Tool Box v19.8 Unlocked – A great Android smart toolbox with +30 useful tools!
Unlocked and complete version of the program dedicated to you dear ones

Smart Tool Box – Handy Carpenter Kit Pro is a great and practical tool box application from PC Mehanik Studio for Android devices.By installing it on your Android mobile phone or tablet, you can have +30 practical tools in one go and in the form of an application. This toolbox provides you with the most essential tools you need, including a flashlight, speedometer, magnifying glass, mirror, protractor, and more. The developer mentions his app as a practical tool just like the Swiss Army knife! All you have to do is install this program on your tablet or Android phone and after running it, you will be faced with a list of the most useful tools! By clicking on any of the tools, they will be executed in the simplest possible way for you and you will be able to solve your needs with it! The Smart Tool Box application has been released for free on Google Play, the free version of which includes annoying ads, and now we have unlocked the version without any ads for you, which will undoubtedly be useful for you!

List of some Smart Tool Box – Handy Carpenter Kit Pro for Android:

  • Ruler: Measuring dimensions and angles
  • Level gauge: Measures the level of the level
  • Smart Speedometer: Display speed information
  • Smart Flashlight: Display light for your work
  • Smart Audio: Monitor sound level pressure
  • Positioner: Displays your location with detailed information
  • Smart rangefinder: Measures the distance and height of various objects
  • speed gun: The speed at which objects move using intelligent algorithms
  • Compass: Discover the right path
  • -Zrh between: Large objects paced mini with flash light
  • Mirror: View your face in the mirror with the front camera
  • Angle Gauge: Measure the slope of any object using the camera
  • Timer: Accurate timer with countdown tool
  • Metal Detector: Detects the magnetic field of materials near you
  • Smart Converter: Convert between different currencies and physical units
  • Cardiograph: Measuring the heart rate with a camera
  • Random Generator: Generate random numbers from the custom range
  • Thermometer: Displays current temperature, humidity and air pressure
  • Battery tester: Test the performance and battery performance of the device
  • NFC Reader: Easy to read NFC tags

The Smart Tool Box application currently has a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 in the Android Market , and we have introduced the latest and most unlocked version of it in Usroid for the first time, dear users. You can continue to download the latest and latest full version without ads with one click and 100% free.


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