Smart Tools mini v1.2.0 – Simple and compact Android toolkit application
Purchased version for $ 3.50 for the first time in Iran

A simple look around shows that today many measuring devices that used to exist physically and on a large scale have completely disappeared and become codes in the heart of smart devices to Anyone anywhere can easily use them. Android developers have released various software in this field, one of the biggest problems is the need for special sensors such as compasses. But this limitation has not stopped creative ideas and we are seeing significant progress. Smart Tools mini is a simple, compact and at the same time widely used collection developed and published by Smart Tools co for Android. With 5 different groups, this software solves many of your daily needs in terms of calculations and measurements and provides you with a wonderful experience. One of the most widely used groups in this collection is the first group, which includes special and unique tools such as length, slope and angle gauges that meet the needs without the need for any physical tools or special sensors. Slowly Calculate the volume with a professional metronome or convert different countries to each other without the need for different currency sites.

Some features and capabilities of Smart Tools mini Android app:

  • Access to a set of measuring instruments
  • No need for special sensors to use custom tools
  • Category of all tools in 5 different groups
  • Currency exchange system without any problems
  • Sound intensity measurement tools
  • Very small size compared to similar programs

The Smart Tools mini app , as one of the smallest smart device gadgets priced at $ 2.99, scored 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, and you can now download the latest version from Get high speed servers from Usroid website .

Smart Tools mini