Somnus: Nonogram v6.4 + Mod – enigmatic and fictional dream game for Android + trailer of
the normal version of the game + mod version (unlimited soul) individually
tested with offline execution

Somnus: Nonogram – Somnus: Nonogram is the name of a different and informative puzzle game whose story is related to childhood dreams. This game is a product of GAMEFOX game company in South Korea, which has other fantasy and puzzle games in its portfolio. Somnus: Nonogram is an interesting and fantasy work of art in which you have to travel to a dream land in your childhood and lovely dreams and follow an interesting story from the main character of the game. In fact, in this game, you go on an adventure and start an amazing journey. The game has a beautiful storyline that, according to the creators, each part of it appears by solving puzzles, and therefore to complete the game’s storyDiscover You have to solve all the puzzles. Game puzzles are made according to logic and the only solution is to refer to the power of thinking and logic. During the game you are in the role of a little girl who accompanies imaginary creatures on a dream journey and goes to interesting and mysterious places. In Somnus: Nonogram there are different difficulty levels of the game and include 10 by 10, 15 by 15 or 20 by 20 puzzles. To do these page puzzles, you have to use different items well and solve these puzzles by placing them correctly. The design style of the game puzzles, as you can see from its title, is in the form of Nonogram puzzles, in which you have to identify different shapes by filling in colored or black and white cells. The game’s graphic design is excellent and done in a completely fantasy and fascinating way so that players can see it and feel that they are really present in that vast world.

Some features of Somnus: Nonogram Android game:

  • Fancy and interesting graphics with pixel and art designs
  • Fun and versatile gameplay
  • Interesting and fascinating story line
  • Appropriate characterizations
  • There are more than 100 different and logical puzzles in the style of Nonogram
  • Ability to automatically save the game process
  • Ability to backup the game process on Google Cloud servers
  • Ability to adjust game control in different modes
  • Ability to zoom in and out of images
  • It has two sections, Normal Mode and BigMap Mode
  • Degrees of difficulty from 10 × 10 to 15 × 15 and 20 20 20

Somnus: Nonogram is a fascinating work of art in the form of a puzzle game that tells a lovely story in the form of puzzles and riddles. In the role of the main character of the game, travel to this imaginary land and reach the story of the game by completing missions and solving puzzles. This game can entertain you for a long time with more than 500,000 downloads on Google Play and a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 . In the following, you can download the normal and modded version of Somnus: Nonogram for free and tested from Usroid , and by playing an amazing puzzle game, you can both challenge yourself mentally and experience an interesting story.

Changes in version v6.4:

* Increase stability and improve game performance


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