Split Multitasking Dual Screen v1.2 – Android screen splitting application!
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 3.49

Split Multitasking Dual ScreenThe title is an application that splits the screen into two different parts to use multiple tools simultaneously, developed by Art DS Apps and published on Google Play. We are all familiar with Android; An operating system that in many cases surprises users with its special capabilities. As you know, in an operating system like Windows, users are able to run multiple programs simultaneously and view their environment simultaneously. But such a feature is not available in Android operating system! However, it should be said that this restriction is not seen in newer versions of Android. However, sometimes users need to use several softwares at the same time to focus more on their activities. Split Multitasking Dual Screen is one of the best Android startups in this field, which helps to split your screen as easily as possible and run different software in each part. After installation, a floating option will appear on the screen, touching it will activate this special feature and only select the second program. One of the things that has attracted the attention of users is the very low consumption of this software from your smartphone resources, which helps you to use the programs continuously for several hours. With respect to the tastes of the users, the development team has provided the conditions for you to customize this floating button and change it according to your needs. In addition, after installation, an option appears in the notification bar, which has a function similar to the existing float button.

Some features and capabilities of Split Multitasking Dual Screen Android app:

  • Convert the screen into two parts to run two applications simultaneously
  • Use of the called secondary software without any restrictions
  • Create a floating button on the screen to quickly turn the screen into a two-piece screen
  • A set of different options for customizing the hover button
  • Call any type of Android application without any restrictions
  • Very little use of your smartphone resources
  • Simple user interface to meet the needs of the most novice Android users

Application Split Multitasking Dual Screen to take advantage of the features and functionality of its own by the developer it for free along with in-network $ 3.49 has been released, can now use the newest version of the Premium it without any restriction website Get Usroid fast and popular .


Split Multitasking Dual Screen