Suby: Learn Languages. Subtitles for videos v2.0.4.4 – Language learning application with video for Android,
a shared and complete version of the program worth $ 32.99

Suby: Learn Languages. Subtitles for videos is a foreign language learning application with the help of various videos and clips by S uDeveloped by Languages ​​and published on Google Play. The interest in learning is seen in all of us humans. We want to learn new professions and skills in any situation so that we can meet our needs if necessary. One of our human skills is the ability to speak different languages. A special trait that many successful people are constantly looking for and learning. Imagine a small child traveling to a foreign country at an early age! This child learns the language of that country well after a while without realizing it! This is what is called immersion. Immersion allows you to easily increase your skills by being in a certain situation. One of the best ways to simulate immersion is to use videos. If the collection of clips or videos we watch during the day are broadcast in English or any other language, we will have a relative mastery of that foreign language in a very short time. This is exactly the method that Suby: Learn Languages ​​started. Subtitles for videos know that it tries to attract the attention of many users. However, if you are also interested in learning new languages, do not miss this smart app and stay with us.

Quickly learn a foreign language with the help of Suby: Learn Languages. Subtitles for videos

Since the creation of the first smartphone, many educational software can be found in the Android Market. However, we must say that the use of smartphones is very useful for learning different knowledge! One of the best software that can help you learn English or any other language in a short time is the Suby: Learn Languages ​​app. Subtitles for videos. As mentioned above, Sabi helps you to quickly learn the foreign language you want by taking advantage of the immersion system and putting you in certain situations. There are hundreds of various videos at the heart of this program that anyone with any taste can follow and play them.

Strengthen listening, speaking and reading skills

If you want to learn a language at a normal level, you definitely do not need a lot of listening or speaking skills; But when it comes to taking various language tests, your ability to master these skills is crucial. Playing video files to learn different languages ​​will allow you to intelligently grow your ability in listening, speaking and reading and be able to take various tests. In a way, we have to say that your accent will change as you want.

Repeat difficult words to learn faster

Normally, when learning a new language, some words are difficult for us and disappear from our minds in a short time. The best way to remember these words in long-term memory is to keep repeating them. If you come across a difficult word while studying English or any other language, just repeat it to become a kind of queen of your mind! Users will be able to continuously monitor their progress and play videos with subtitles if necessary.

Some features and capabilities of Suby: Learn Languages. Subtitles for videos Android:

  • Learn foreign languages ​​such as English, German, Spanish and… in a short time
  • Use immersion methods with continuous playback of various videos
  • A collection of hundreds of different videos
  • Strengthen listening, speaking and reading English texts
  • Play videos with subtitles
  • Mark difficult words for continuous play
  • Track and track your progress
  • Provide word translation using dozens of online translators

Suby: Learn Languages app . Subtitles for videos have been released for free with $ 32.99 on Google Play by its developer, taking advantage of its various features and capabilities. Now you can download the latest shared version of it without any restrictions from Usroid website .


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