Update November 20th: Update the mod game version to the latest version 🙂

Switchcraft v2.4.3 – Puzzle game Switchcraft: The Enchanted Puzzle and Cryptic Story for Android
A popular and entertaining puzzle title for Android
Tested with online play

Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 is the name of a puzzle and brain teaser game published by the game studio Wooga for Android devices. Wooga game studio has previously released other good games for gamers and created amazing works such as June’s Journey – Hidden Objects and Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Game. Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 is another take on this game studio’s puzzle and brain teaser genre. As the name suggests, Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 is a “match 3” style game. These types of games have specific mechanisms and there is not much room for creativity and innovation in games of this genre. In the most pessimistic case, games of this genre are copies of each other, and in the most optimistic case, we can see a game that only has a new storyline. However, Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 not only has a new and original storyline, but also has used a lot of creativity and created an interactive game by adding various elements that engages every gamer. The game Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 takes you to Pendle Hill, the first and most specialized academy of wizards. This academy is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people in Ipswich, Massachusetts. But unfortunately, the news suggests that this academy has been identified by dark forces and is under attack these days. During these events, Lydia, a first-year student at the academy, goes missing and it seems that a conspiracy is underway by the dark forces. Now, Billy, Lydia’s friend, has the task of investigating this matter and uncovering the story. You have to help Billy by solving the match 3 puzzles to gradually unlock the game’s story chapters and find his friend Lydia.




In the game Switchcraft: Magical Match 3, unlike most games of this genre, solving puzzles will not only be for passing from one stage to the next. Among the puzzles, many choices are left to you that can completely change the game path and make “Billy” enter a new secret. This new mechanism not only increases the value of game replayability, but also takes the game out of monotony. Of course, classic puzzle mechanisms are also present in this game. In each stage, you have to match stones of the same color and place them together to remove them. But their number must be 3 or more. In each stage, your goal is to obtain a certain number of butterflies. But if you pay attention to the stones and can remove more stones, you can also get more points and rewards. Also, the possibility of using bonuses, power-ups, and combos is provided for you. The graphics of Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 are truly unique. A unique and special art style is used in the game world design and characters, and the animations, effects, and lighting of the game create amazing visual effects. The sound design is commendable, and the gentle piano soundtrack and game sound effects successfully create a mysterious and magical atmosphere that is very suitable for this game. The simple user interface, easy touch controls, and smooth performance of this game make it almost problem-free to play on all mobile devices and have a satisfying experience. It should be said that in this game, a unique collection of the best and most excellent puzzles have been collected so that you can challenge your mind with them, have fun, and we definitely recommend it. Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 has managed to score 4.2 out of 5.0 in the Android market and the Usroid team intends to provide it to you dear ones. You can now download this game, which has been tested by our team, through the direct links provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Note: In the mod version of the game, your diamond and gold levels become infinite after level 3.