Telegram X – The Best and Most Comprehensive Telegram for Android
Three installation files for Arm, Arm64, and X86 processors
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Do you know the popular messenger Telegram? It is a popular and well-known messenger created by two Russian brothers that has become popular among Iranians and can be called the most popular messenger! This messenger has been officially released by its company on Google Play and has been downloaded billions of times by Android users worldwide and has been met with unprecedented popularity. Despite its unparalleled popularity, users are looking for a more optimized version of this messenger that not only runs smoother but also provides more features. Several unofficial versions of this messenger have been published on websites, but we have not and will not confirm any of them. Instead, we recommend that you only use messengers that have been published on Google Play! In this regard, we intend to introduce an exceptional version of Telegram called “Telegram X”! Telegram X is an official version of the popular messenger Telegram from Telegram LLC studio for Android that has been completely free on Google Play and its latest update has been made available for download at your request. By installing Telegram X on your Android device, you can experience a smoother and lighter Telegram with additional features such as Night Mode, Inline Bot, and more!


Telegram X


According to well-known news sites, the Telegram X application is considered acceptable in terms of security by Pavel Durov, and it is better to know that it has been approved by Telegram itself on its website, and you can download and install its latest version for your Android device. In the test we conducted on Telegram X, we concluded that it is the best option for people looking for a complete and secure Telegram, and we recommend it to all of you! In terms of security, the program is acceptable, just like the official and original version of Telegram, and Telegram has also confirmed it on its website.

* New features added + various optimizations