Trash Tycoon: idle clicker v0.8.0 + Mod – “Trash Trader” simulation and clicker game for Android
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Trash Tycoon: idle clicker is a beautiful and fun clicker game from the category of simulation titles for the Android operating system. Belarusian studio AlexPlay LLC was responsible for the development, development and release of this game. This time, for the first time among all Android sites in Iran, Usroid has introduced and published another game and provided it to you dear ones in a tested and free form. In addition to the original version of Google Play, we have also prepared a mod version of this game and provided it for download along with the original version. Trash Tycoon: idle clicker As the name implies, it is an Idle, Clicker and Tycoon game. Clicker games are a few soloists that are the guests of today’s mobiles and tablets and have a very large share of mobile games. This style of game is actually a kind of strategy and management games whose general format has changed a lot. Although hundreds and perhaps thousands of different games have been released in different Clicker and Idle genres, the structure of almost all of them is a fixed thing in which the player has to start a growing trend from the ground up and try to Its development and expansion will lead this process to success. Often, a very specific goal is not pursued in this type of game, and your most important achievement during these games will be the expansion of your activity.


Trash Tycoon: idle clicker


In Trash Tycoon: idle clicker, one of the same games, the same standards have been observed. Your approach during this game should be just like other clicker style games. So you have to put your priority on developing the business that you are going to experience in this game. In Trash Tycoon: idle clicker you are a special and different businessman who has started a professional business in a not so conventional way. This business is nothing but a recycling business! You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Gradually, by earning more money, you can grow your business and add new segments to it. You can upgrade your business to hundreds of Levels in Trash Tycoon: idle clicker and add a new section or item each time you upgrade, turning your small business into a large, well-equipped factory. Do. Maybe the garbage trader game can also be called an informative game. The content of the game is related to companies and businesses that work in the field of waste and recycling, and this in turn can be interesting training for those who have no idea about these businesses. Such businesses, in turn, contribute significantly to the health of the environment and play a major role in protecting the planet by disposing of and recycling waste. In Trash Tycoon: idle clicker, you can have this experience as one of these businesses, so that you can show your contribution to environmental protection by collecting and recycling waste, and at the same time earn high incomes. Do! You can now download the latest version of this game for free from Usroid servers.