[Twilight: Blue light filter v12.17 [Pro – Android smart light filter application Android screen
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Continuous use of Android smart devices before going to bed creates problems for users, one of which can be considered a disturbance of sleep order! The main cause of this disorder is blue screen light, which reduces the hormone that regulates sleep by affecting the optic nerves. So far, there are various ways to solve such a problem, one of the best of which is the blue light filters. Twilight: Blue light filter PROThe title of a smart blue light filter is the Android display developed by Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka) and published on Google Play. With its various features and capabilities, this startup allows you to put a filter on the screen at any time of the day or night and make sure that the effects of blue light on your eyes are minimized. By reducing blue light to a minimum, this filter will help regulate the body’s sleep hormones and prevent problems such as burning or eye pain. The filter on the screen is red, which has the best effect on reducing blue light.

Some features and capabilities of the Twilight: Blue light filter Android app:

  • Blue screen filter at any time of the day or night
  • Reduce eye problems when using smartphones
  • Red filter with the greatest possible effect in controlling blue light
  • Automatically adjust the filter intensity based on sunrise and sunset times
  • Turn on the filter with just a hint
  • Very simple and easy user interface

Using its various features and capabilities, the Twilight: Blue light filter application has been able to receive a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 5 million downloads, and now you can download the latest professional version without any Restricted from Usroid website . This program has been introduced at your request, dear ones.


Twilight Blue light filter PRO