WO Mic v4.6.5 [Mod] – Simple application to convert a phone to an Android microphone
Mod and full version worth $ 3.99 for the first time in Iran

Microphones are one of the best tools available for clear audio play in all types of audio players, which are very expensive due to their capabilities. Sometimes it can be very expensive to buy microphones or not easily connect to our computer! In such cases, the Android smart operating system provides us with suitable options. WO Mic is a simple application for converting an Android phone to a microphone, developed by Wolicheng Tech and published on Google Play. As you can easily understand from the title of the post, this startup turns your Android device into a mobile microphone, which can be considered unique in its kind. Unlike many similar tools, there are two different ways to connect this program to a personal computer, depending on the situation, you can use each of them. In addition, the choice of audio source is at your disposal, which can be used for voice chat, voice recognition or recording. Change the port according to the network connected to it and in case of any problem, put your microphone in silent mode with just one touch.

Some features and capabilities of WO Mic Android application:

  • Convert Android smart devices to mobile microphones
  • Connect to a PC in two ways, USB or wireless
  • Ability to select the connection port according to your needs
  • Ability to use the program as voice chat, recording and voice recognition
  • Blur the microphone with just one touch
  • Very simple and easy user interface


WO Mic application, with the benefit of its various features and capabilities, has been able to receive a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying within its $ 3.99 network, and now you can download the latest version of its mod without any restrictions from the link. Get direct from Usroid website. In our version, all the features are available and a series of optimizations have been made.


WO Mic Full