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Given the busy lives of this period of life, we can all say that we all face different tensions during the day, which in many cases increase stress or sometimes depression. One of the best ways to relax is to take meditation classes! But many of us can’t afford these classes, or they can be expensive if possible. Zen Full – Relax and Meditations Subscribed as a Relaxation and Meditation AppProfessional, published by MoveNext, Ltd for Android users. The weekly meditations in this advanced software will help you to relax in just a short time and strengthen your spirit to continue living. If you want to experience a deep sleep, all you have to do is use the audio files in the woman and enjoy the quality sleep to the fullest. The app, which also won the 2016 PlayStation One of the Best of the Year awards, treats sleep disturbances by sending different frequencies to help improve sex, release endorphins, improve chakras, increase intelligence, and more. Don’t lose your temper at any time and experience another peaceful life by installing Zen.

Some features and capabilities of Zen – Relax and Meditations Android application:

  • Weekly meditations to achieve relaxation, improve mood, relieve anxiety and…
  • Various movies to achieve peace and meditation
  • Supports two unique music categories for deep sleep and energetic mornings!
  • Treatment of sleep disorders with frequency to improve sex, improve chakras, release endorphins, increase intelligence and انتشار
  • ASMR sounds for mental massage, relaxation and deep sleep
  • Motivational messages and various proverbs
  • Support for different languages

The Zen-Relax and Meditations app, as one of the top meditation apps of 2016 at the Google Play Market, received a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users for $ 36.99, which is now the latest version. Share it for free on the popular Usroid site.


Zen Full - Relax and Meditations