Blue Light Filter v1.5.6 Paid – Android App for Adjusting Screen Blue Light Level!
The purchased version of the app is worth $2.69

Blue Light Filter is a useful and special application from Simple Design Ltd studio for devices with Android operating system, which is designed to adjust the blue light of the screen! One of the problems of using Android smartphones at night is the light emitted by their screens. This light contains blue light, which can cause visual disturbances, weaken the eyes, and cause various other problems. According to recent studies, blue light can cause serious damage to retinal cells and prevent the secretion of melatonin hormone (the hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm). On the other hand, studies show that adjusting and reducing this blue light on smartphone screens can somewhat reduce this problem and prevent its considerable damage! The Blue Light Filter app helps reduce the level of blue light on the screen by increasing and adjusting natural colors, thus reducing the amount of blue light and causing less harm to your eyes. The app has various modes and filters, with the most important being the night filter. Simply select this filter to adjust the screen brightness to the app’s default settings. In addition, the intensity of each filter can be adjusted, and you can change each filter depending on the environment you are in. With all the mentioned points, it is worth noting that using this software not only reduces eye damage but also saves battery life significantly and saves energy consumption!

Some features and capabilities of the Blue Light Filter Android app:

  • Significant reduction of blue light from the screen
  • Equipped with various filters with adjustable intensity
  • Saving a considerable amount of battery life
  • A simple environment for using it

The Blue Light Filter app has received an outstanding rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 from users in the Play Store just a few days after its release, and you can now download its latest unlocked version from high-speed servers on Usroid.


Blue Light Filter