BRAINAURAL binaural brain therapy v1.1.1 – a unique sound therapy application for Android!
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Sounds are one of the most amazing waves around us that have a huge impact on the lives of all living things. Humans, like any other living thing, hear sounds at a certain frequency and the brain analyzes them. This is one of the reasons why sounds can be considered a way to change people’s moods! For example, you can play music; Playing soft music can calm us down, or listening to metal and hip hop music can help us with more physical activity by producing adrenaline. Therefore, a tasteful developer has created a startup that uses sound to make certain changes in the neural commands of the human brain and mind! BRAINAURAL binaural brain therapyIs the title of a unique sound therapy application developed by for Android and published on Google Play. As mentioned above, the above program helps to improve your brain processes by playing certain sounds and you can solve any problem in a very short time. You need headphones to use this software; Because each ear receives a specific frequency of sound and sends it deep into the mind. The above startup treats more than twelve different problems, the most important of which are aggression, improving sleep quality, achieving relaxation, increasing concentration, relieving pain, and so on. The environment of this program is very simple and it is better not to do any activity after starting it to achieve your desired result in a short time.


BRAINAURAL binaural brain therapy


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