Burn The Lot in Persian (Burn the Lot) is a new and extremely beautiful game with stunning graphics in the style of arcade and action games. It is a product of Propaganda3 gaming company for Android operating system, which has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Play Store from It is considered the best and most popular! In this game, you are in the role of a lovely character who must go to war with other planets using the various weapons and tools at your disposal; Use all your tactics and skills to fight and conquer other neighboring planets. At the beginning of the game you have three different planets as the main character of the game, you must try to destroy the new planets at each stage; 12 Planets of Enemies! You play from the beginningStart moving and you will pass through abandoned houses and shops to reach and destroy various enemies; Along the way, you will encounter all kinds of employers before they can reach you. You must destroy them by shooting them!

Note that time is the main factor of the game because in each stage, a certain time is considered that the player must finish the mission quickly at this specified time! For example, in the first stage of the game, 5 minutes of time is given to the player, which is a very good time. By removing obstacles along the way, you can also achieve achievements such as blood, keys, etc. and gradually increase your power; As you go, you will encounter doors that cannot be opened without a key, so collect the keys on the path and take them with you. Of course, there are coins in the game that you can collect to upgrade the game character and buy new weapons and double your power!

Some features of Burn The Lot Android game:

* Availability of 17 different and destructive weapons to destroy enemies

* Being more than 12 types of enemies and 9 employers to fight and battle

* Includes more than 30 difficult and challenging stages

* Availability of 3 different planet maps in the first game of Wild West, Miner and South of the Border

* Excellent sound quality and exciting music for more fun

* Having great and stunning graphics with addictive gameplay

Game Burn The Lot is now on the market for Android by $ 0.99 sold it to all users and fans of action games offer! If you would like to get more acquainted with the gameplay, we have put a trailer of the game for you, by watching it, you can get fully acquainted with the game environment and download the game if you wish! Join us to view images of the game environment and download it along with the data file…

Normal version + modded version (unlocked with unlimited gold) + trailer…


Download Burn The Lot - Android planetary war game + data + mode + trailer




Game installation and running instructions:

– First download the apk file and install it.

Download WiFi data and decompress it with the password www.farsroid.com. Copy the com.propaganda3.BurnTheLot folder to SD: Android / obb.

– Run the game.


Download Burn The Lot Android Apk + Obb - NEW



Download Burn The Lot Android Apk + Obb - NEW