Calculator with many digits (Long number) v1.9.6 [Ad-Free] – Android calculator application with unlimited numbers!
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Doing the math is undoubtedly time consuming in many cases and may not work in the end just because there is a problem. This also increases people’s willingness to use calculators, because in addition to saving time, the displayed answers are very accurate. But one of the main problems of calculators is the display of digits in them because each of them supports a certain number of digits. Calculator with many digits (Long number)Title is a calculator application with unlimited numbers for tablets and Android phones, which was developed by kame3 and published on Google Play. As mentioned in the description above, one of the main popular features of this startup is its support for unlimited numbers; So that you can enter 9999 different digits in each calculation. Many mathematical instructions supported by this computational tool are powerful and you can solve up to complex equations. Other features in the above app include automatic saving of all calculations so that all of them are stored in history and you can refer to them at any other time.

Some features and capabilities of the Calculator with many digit (Long number) Android application:

  • There were no restrictions on entering figures
  • Display results with extremely high accuracy
  • Copy the displayed values ​​from the calculations
  • Supports a variety of mathematical commands and calculations
  • Ability to change colors in the program
  • Change the decimal display mode in calculations
  • Save all calculations in the program history
  • Access to several different themes

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Changes in version v1.9.6:

* Fixed a program crash problem


Calculator with many digit (Long number)