Free Adblocker Browser v80.0.2016123506 Unlocked – anti-ad browser and super fast Ed Blocker Android!
Unlocked version with all the features for you dear ones

In the last decade, due to the increase and expansion of the Internet around the world, many people have turned to this environment for their advertisements due to the provided platform of the Internet, and most of these advertisements are done by different sites and play a great role in branding each Have a product; Now, sometimes sites put a lot of ads on their site for various reasons, which causes annoyance to users and prevents them from enjoying browsing the web; Anti browser and high-speed Internet Advertising Free Adblocker BrowserPublished by Rocketshield Inc Studio Inc for Android, which with its special system prevents any advertising in the website environment and gives you back a good feeling of browsing! In addition, blocking ads will reduce battery consumption as well as the amount of data you consume! Unlike other existing and published programs and plugins, this browser stops certain types of ads such as banner, pop-up, video and و ads! All available ads are blocked by cookies, which causes them to be blocked 100%! Free Adblocker BrowserIt has all the capabilities of a full browser and provides high speed to its users. In addition to the usual features of browsers, it also has a secure browsing security system, which by entering this section, all your communication channels are encrypted and no trace of you will remain after browsing, or if you enter sites. The browser malware automatically blocks them and denies access!

Some features and capabilities of Free Adblocker Browser Android application:

  • Block different types of internet ads such as banners, pop-ups and…
  • Block ads through cookies
  • Intelligent secure browsing system to prevent malicious sites from entering
  • Save battery and data with Adblock technology
  • Super fast browsing of sites

Robust and fast Free Adblocker Browser has been able to more than 10000000 download and pay within the network, rated excellent 4.6 out of the 5.0 received that can now have the newest version it comes with a free for all features of Usroid get .

A word with dear users: Now that this post is about advertising and blocking sites, it is better to mention that all the costs of Usroid servers and expenses are obtained with the same advertisements that you see and to support us. You can use the ads on the site or click on them. [Needless to say, in order not to bother you, we have placed as little advertising as possible]


Free Adblocker Browser Android