GPS Waypoints Navigator is one of the most powerful, popular and best navigation and GPS applications from the DS Software programming group for the Android operating system . By installing it on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can get the most powerful GPS software. Bring the world! A set of different and unique tools in this software package go hand in hand to make your best friend, so that you can find your location or the path you want to take at any time. You have to identify. Great features in this appThere is a way to mark the desired routes you want to take, routing with or without using the network and via GPS to or your current location to share with your friends and acquaintances Leave and bring a great experience of GPS apps on your Android phone. If you are looking for an easy and convenient navigation app for your Android device, you can try the purchased and complete version of the GPS Waypoints Navigator app!

Some features and capabilities of GPS Waypoints Navigator Android application:

  • Having an alert function to alert you when approaching routes
  • Having a map search function to find different places by name by you
  • Various types of graphs, including bar graphs to show satellite positions
  • Offline and online maps by choosing from different sources as desired by the user
  • Includes a variety of other functions such as altitude detection, synchronization with Google Maps , navigation compass, etc.
  • Having a help section for training and guidance on all parts of the above software
  • Supports several living languages ​​including: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese

The GPS Waypoints Navigator app currently sells for $ 9.99 on Google Play, and with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0, it is one of the top Android GPS apps that we have released today in Usroid, the latest version of which was released a few hours ago. We provide it to you for free. Our version is paid and purchased, which you can use without any time limit.


GPS Waypoints Navigator