Hera Dark Icon Pack – Circle Shaped Dark Icons v6.4.5 – Modern Android Circular Shaped Icon Pack
Purchased and complete version for $ 1.99 for the first time in Iran

As we have mentioned in other posts, the beauty of the UI of Android smart devices depends on several different factors, and by choosing them wisely, you will never get tired of working with your device. To diversify the screen, users try more than anything to change the wallpaper and make it more beautiful, but a screen image is just a beautification option, and Android helps you to do anything. Change what you do not like! One of the most important ways to make huge changes in the display environment is to use the icon packs that you will feel a certain change after changing them. Hera Dark Icon Pack – Circle Shaped Dark Icons is a modern circular icon pack developed by One4Studio and published on Google Play. To make the screen of your Android device more beautiful, all you have to do is install this startup and take full advantage of the symbols in it. The existing circular icons use a dark background, which also makes the colors in these icons more beautiful. Unlike other packs in the Android Market, the developer has spent a lot of time providing quality symbols to users, the number of which reaches 1905. Another feature of this unique app is its dedicated wallpapers, which are in perfect harmony with all the icons and are stunning in their kind! In addition, the program supports various launchers so that you do not need any special side launchers to install.

Some features and capabilities of Hera Dark Icon Pack – Circle Shaped Dark Icons Android:

  • Access to over 1905 different and varied icons
  • Very high quality icons and the use of beautiful colors in it
  • Coordinate the colors used with the dark background
  • Different design styles for a variety of tastes
  • Dedicated icons for folders
  • Access to multiple wallpapers dedicated to existing icons
  • Quick and easy search among icons
  • Ability to send requests for new icons


The Hera Dark Icon Pack – Circle Shaped Dark Icons app has been released by its developer as a great collection of various icons for $ 1.99 and has received a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who can now get the latest Download the purchased version of it without any restrictions from the huge database of Usroid website.


Hera Dark Icon Pack