Hidden Through Time v1.0.25 – Fun and entertaining game “Finding objects over time” for Android trailer,
the purchased and complete version of the game for $ 2.99, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

Hidden Through Time – Finding Objects Over Time is a fun and creative game in the style of entertainment (Kejawal) that is priced at $ 2.99 and is offered by Crazy Monkey Studios in Belgium for sale on Google Play. Simultaneously with the release of this game for Android, Usroid decided to prepare this beautiful and different game for the first time in US offer it for free download. The game was first released through the Steam store for home computers, and then a remastered version for the Android operating system was released. Hidden Through Time is a fun game with a simple but very creative idea behind it. This game is an interesting combination of casual and puzzle games (of the type of Hidden Objects games) that has been made with a different approach and a new mechanism. In this game you travel to history and go to the land of ancient humans. Your task in this game is to solve the steps that are hidden in the form of puzzles of objects and leave them behind to go to the next sections. At each stage of the game, there are hundreds of different and often moving items, most of which are humans.


Hidden Through Time


Game conditions in higher stages Hidden Through Time It’s getting harder. The dimensions of each map are enlarged in the above steps and the number of items inside it is also increased. If you have already experienced puzzle titles and the style of hidden objects, you can definitely get to know the whole game much faster and better. Many of the items you need to find may not be on the page at all. In this case, you either have to find them among the other items, or try to find the displayed options by combining different things and opening the box and things like that. The constant movement of humans in this game and the myriad similarities between the items make finding the main option difficult and challenging. However, it cannot be said that Hidden Through Time is a very difficult and impossible game, and you only need to do a few hands to do it. At each stage of the game, you have to find a certain number of missing items in the image to go to the next stage, and this section also includes points. Another interesting feature that is embedded in this game is the ability to create exclusive maps of players! So if you are tired of the repetitive stages of the game, you can start working and create new maps yourself and share them in the game’s cloud servers, or use the same map of other players. You can download Hidden Through Time right now from the download box Download Usroid for free.

Changes to version v1.0.25:

* No changes have been made to this version of the game on Google Play.