Hop Ball 3D v2.9.8 + Mod – Arcade and Musical Game “Jump Ball” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with mentioned features) separately available
Tested with offline execution

Hop Ball 3D – 3D Jumping Ball is another musical and arcade title from the renowned AMANOTES PTE LTD studio based in Singapore. The studio is among the few mobile game developers that exclusively focus on creating music games and has produced dozens of beautiful and well-crafted games in this genre. Although all of their games fall under the main musical category, they have diverse structures, designs, and gameplay. Some of the most interesting and popular games created by AMANOTES include Piano Solo, Dancing Ballz, Infinity Run, Beat Hopper: Bounce Ball to The Rhythm, Magic Tiles 3, and Dancing Road: Color Ball Run, all of which have been previously introduced on Usroid. By clicking on each game name, you can go to its dedicated page and download it for free along with its modded version. In this article, we also intend to introduce another game from this studio in the same genre. Although these games have many similarities, each one has its own special appeal. The music genre is always exciting and challenging, and in many cases, it is a subcategory of the main arcade category. Hop Ball 3D, just like all other games from this studio, has a completely musical focus, and everything in this game is combined with rhythmic and beautiful songs in various styles.


Hop Ball 3D


In the game Hop Ball 3D, your task is to control the movements of a jumping ball. At the start of each level, the white ball starts moving forward and follows the rhythm of the music by jumping on various platforms, each of which represents a musical note. As long as the ball stays on the main path, the music plays, but if it falls off and fails to land on one of the platforms, you lose the game. The main goal of the game is to control and guide the ball forward throughout each level. You do this by holding your finger on the screen and dragging it left or right. However, if you’re looking to score points and challenge your skills, a separate scoring mode is also available where you try to land the ball perfectly in the center of the platforms to earn a Perfect Point. This may seem simple, but as the game progresses, it becomes more difficult and challenging. In Hop Ball 3D, there are dozens of famous music tracks from various genres, especially pop and electronic. All of these tracks have an exciting and engaging theme, and their fast rhythm increases the excitement of the game levels. In Hop Ball 3D, you can play levels in various fantasy worlds and keep yourself entertained. To download the latest version of this game, both regular and modded, visit the download section of Usroid.

Note: The game is completely offline, but except for the first few songs, you need to download them to experience more songs and levels. To do this, simply tap on the song you want to download to start the download. The size of these songs is not large, and the more important point is that the game servers are completely direct and compatible with Iranian internet without the need to change the IP.