[Biometric Passport Photo PRO v5.1 [Unlocked – Android app for preparing and editing passport photos
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A complete photo of our face is included on all of our documents so that the relevant authority can identify us and verify any requests when presenting the documents. The photos on these documents have specific dimensions according to the issuing agency’s request. In simpler terms, each agency will accept a specific type of image with specific conditions. Passports have images with different sizes, and each country may have its own specific laws in this regard. Biometric Passport Photo PRO is an application for creating and adjusting passport photos developed by Codenia for Android and published on Google Play. This software helps its users create specific passport images in a very short time by having several diverse features. There are two different ways to create passport images available to you; you can capture the required image instantly or select a photo from the gallery and create a suitable image for your passport by cutting its different parts. Several diverse sizes are available for each image based on centimeters or inches, which anyone can use. Unlike other similar software, the pre-set passport template for over 100 countries is available in the program, which addresses any user needs in this regard. The images created by this startup are not only usable in passports, but with just a few simple changes, you can adjust the photos for other domestic agencies. Finally, it is better to know that there are two options for printing or sharing the final results directly available to you.


Biometric Passport Photo PRO


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