FineScanner Pro – PDF Document Scanner App + OCR v7.4.0.0 – Android Pocket Scanner Application!
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FineScanner Pro – PDF Document Scanner App + OCR is an exceptional app title for converting Android smartphones into a pocket scanner developed and published by ABBYY. With its unique and unparalleled system, this app provides you with a digital copy of your documents and papers in a special way. All you need to do is install FineScanner and point your Android phone’s camera at your documents to get a high-quality scan in just a fraction of a second. The digital copies created can be saved in both image and PDF file formats, with various formats such as JPEG available when saved as an image. As the name suggests, this application takes advantage of a powerful system for text recognition and extraction. It can identify all kinds of text with different handwriting styles, supporting 193 living languages, and provide them to you in the form of text files. All borders are automatically identified, and there are no limitations on scanning files. This app has various features, which you can learn about in the following article.

Some of the features and capabilities of FineScanner Pro – PDF Document Scanner App + OCR for Android:

  • Scan and receive a digital copy of any document or article
  • Save scanned files in PDF or image format
  • An intelligent system for detecting and extracting text in text files
  • Support for 193 different languages in text recognition
  • Preservation of tables when using text recognition
  • High quality scanned files with automatic border detection
  • Add tags to scanned files
  • Ability to search among digital document versions
  • No restrictions on scanning documents
  • Sharing scanned items in messaging apps
  • Sending files to cloud servers

The FineScanner Pro – PDF Document Scanner App + OCR application, with its support for both document scanning and text recognition and extraction from images, has achieved a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 from users on the large Play Store market, with its $9.99 price tag. You can now purchase the latest version of this feature-rich and expensive application from Usroid.